Is DEMI Token a killer of ETH ?

DEMI Price is $104 per 1 token
ETH Price is $628 per 1 token

DEMI is just on Private Sale stage. Who knows but anyway it’s one of the hottest DeFi projects this Year.
Keep fingers crossed 🤞DEMI Moon🌓

There are many upcoming events for DeFi Million and price will grow and investors profit as well.

There are Many ways to make profit with DeFI Milllion.

  1. Add liqudity to liquidity pool. ETH/DEMI and USDT/DEMI and you will earn 0.3% from each transaction on uniswap.
  2. Add ETH liqudity Now you can via Link and start make 0.3% profit.
  3. Add USDT liquidity Now you can via Link and start make 0.3% profit.
  4. Buy and Trade Demi Tokens on Uniswap Now by this link

You can also buy tokens much cheaper than Market price, we offer 50% discount for everyone who will deposit 10,000 USDT. For less or hight amount you need contact our support in Telegram

Private sale tokens will be tradable on many Top exchanges, including Binance, Okex, Kucoin.

At the moment DEMI token listed on Uniswap exchange where everyone can trade token between ETH/DEMI and USDT/DEMI Pairs.

If you have any questions please reach our Support in Telegram DEMIsupport

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